Why Learn DeFi


Fews month ago, some DeFi projects launched.Just like many people who started crypto, we bought a lot of DeFi Degens.It started well at the beginning, but most of them dropped and even rug pull.

Why there is so much spam and useless project around crypto market?

We questioned ourself ,and finally execute an idea that have been thinking, create a DeFi project.


Probably one of the most important question for everyone when you want to start something.So we started google about the knowledge required.For anyone who start learning , we strongly recommend:

Dapp University




After went through some tutorials and documentations, we understand some basic ,as Decentralized application contains two parts:

  • FrontEnd Application
  • Smart Contract

To build a DeFi project, you may just need to know abut frontend, and interact the smart contract deployed with application.(Many DeFi Degens even copy other project’s contract and UI design)

Something bigger

At first, we just want to create a DeFi Gems, and make some profits. But after learning some much from the developer community, we realize that it would do no good for the industry in long-term.

So we decide to create Learn DeFi — a project that provides tutorial and resources for LDF Holder.Token Value secured in ETH.

Click “GET LDF” and send ETH, that’s it !

LDF Tokenomic

Learn DeFi Contract Address

❏ Token Name: Learn DeFi

❏ Total Supply : 1000

❏ Initial Price : 1 ETH


✔︎ Access Learn DeFi Tutorial

✔︎ Store of Ð Value

  • Initial Supply : 200–500 (Depends on the presale)
  • Uniswap liquidity: 50% of ☝🏼
  • Marketing: 1% of ☝🏼☝🏼
  • Team and Reserve: Total Supply — above

How LDF store value of ETH ?

Those ETHs collected would not for personal use. Instead, we would invest in trustworthy DeFi project to support the price of LDF.More details would be revealed to LDF holder.

As we said before,this project is intended to provide DeFi Tutorial and knowledge to everyone. Eventually, to build a community that contribute to DeFi Industry.

If you have any questions, welcome to contact us at any time.

Developer GitHub Profile:

* Learn DeFi Website

PS: We would build this project again step by step in LDF Tutorial , and more coming !

Happy coding !